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are inviting You to the




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Goals of the Festival:

Spiritual encounter and fellowship of God's people with Christian music. Meeting believers of the different denominations and building Christian fellowship
Introducing and affirming of young authors and musical groups of the contemporary Croatian Christian music scene, who are willing to help in creating a recognisable Croatian Christian music profile
Rising the quality of Christian music to a level recognisable for the electronic media
Enriching the Christian and musical life of Croatia


Organisers will make possible to all participants:

Recording in the professional studio for spiritual music as a joint music project of all the Festival participants
Direct transmission through "Primorski radio"
Big festival appearances in larger Croatian cities
Promotion and free advertising of authors, music groups and the entire Festival event throughout Croatia
Special promotional shows on the radio and television dedicated to the Festival and its participants
Distribution of the audio and video recordings to the media
5 audio tapes and CD as a gift


The Festival will be held in the year 2000,
in Rijeka on the
20 of January and in Zagreb on the 30 of January


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This is already the third concert by the same organisation in the last three years!


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The City of Rijeka

Ecumenical Board of the city of Rijeka


Hrvatski katolički radio

Primorski radio


Akademsko katoličko društvo "Jeronim"

Studentski evanđeoski pokret - STEP

Duhovni horizonti

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