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Festival Participation Requirements for:


Musical Groups or Soloists:

History of the music career for Festival announcements and promotions
Please, send material for the contest on a demo-tape (at least, voice and guitar/keyboards) and sheet music with chords and lyrics; duration of the song 2'45'' - 4'00''
1.200,00 HRK (for recording and participation expenses) or 200,00 HRK (participation expense) and an existing studio recording of the song
Readiness to co-operate with any special conditions of the organisers that may arise



Proof of authorship of music and lyrics are required
Songs must not be released on the radio or television or published on some individual project or compilation, but they can be recorded in a different studio
Lyrics of the songs must fit in at least one of the following Festival themes:
  • Christ-centred themes
  • Biblical or Bible-inspired lyrics
  • Inner spiritual experience
  • Common spiritual values


NOTE: Please, do not send lyrics with specifics themes of a particular denomination that would disturb ecumenical atmosphere of the Festival.


posta.gif (1311 bytes) CONTACT ADDRESS:

Duhovni horizonti

Blaza Polica 2/I



Tel: +385/51/338-333


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